Solberg interested in joining M-Sport Ford in 2023

Oliver Solberg does not know yet his plans for 2023, but he is interested in driving a Ford Puma Rally1 next year while he admits that he was in discussions with M-Sport Ford and Toyota.

Hyundai Motorsport announced a week ago that Solberg will not continue with the team in 2023 which means that the Swede is examining his options ahead of the next season. Despite that the team's statements said that the youngster will remain committed to his duties until the end of 2022, eventually Dani Sordo was being confirmed for Rally Japan, so Solberg's season is over after Rally New Zealand.

"It is difficult to say at the moment," Solberg said when he was asked about his future. 

"There is nothing really open. 

"Hyundai have made it very clear what they want, so I'm not going back there.

"Toyota has everything they need and have good drivers, the best car and the best team. 

"For sure, it is very difficult to get in there.

"At M-Sport, I think they need drivers, whether that is an option or not I'm not sure. 

"I will never give up. 

"The hope is to be in a WRC car in Monte Carlo."

Finally, he answered if he has talked to M-Sport: "I have talked to everyone, so for sure.

"Any seat would be fantastic. 

"M-Sport is a dream team and it is a perfect place to be, to learn as a young driver, they know how to do it.

"Malcolm has so much experience in dealing with young drivers, including my father. 

"Malcolm asked me two years ago, but then I went to Hyundai.

"M-Sport is one of the best teams you can be in. 

"The car looks very fast and for sure they need a little bit of development to keep up, but I think they have one of the best cars and are one of the best teams. 

"I think it could be a very interesting option.

"I have my own personal sponsors which I have had for many years now, Monster and HTB, I'm still working with those with the future. 

"We are having discussions to see what we can do somewhere and maybe M-Sport is a good option to do that.

"If WRC2 is only option left I have to do it.

"It is definitely not in my plan. 

"My dream and goal is to be in the WRC.

"It would be nice to build on the experience I have now instead of starting from scratch. 

"If there is no other option, then that is the only way to go.

"I think in WRC today with all the costs and how everything is much more expensive than ever, I don't think that a privateer Rally1 entry is possible."


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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