Tanak: Rovanpera did not give us a chance to fight

Ott Tanak believes that Kalle Rovanpera and Jonne Halttunen never gave them the chance to fight for this year's championship and totally deserved to be crowned World Rally Champions in 2022.

The Finn pair has won six times so far this year and has scored 30 points (25 from 1st place + 1st on the Powerstage) four times (Rally Croatia, Rally Portugal, Rally Estonia and Rally New Zealand) meaning that they had a comfortable lead on the championship. In fact, it its noteworthy that the maximum gap from the second Ott Tanak was at 94 points at the end of Rally Finland.

Throughout this year, Rovanpera was managing his gap on the drivers' championship since the end of Rally Croatia where he scored the maximum points and eventually he clinched his maiden WRC title in New Zealand despite the fact that he could have done it in Belgium or in Greece.

"They were strong, Kalle was strong", Tanak said.

"I don’t think they really gave us a chance. 

"We thought we were fighting back a little bit in the middle of the season, but actually they had it under control. 

"I don’t think we were really close to them.

"At the end, they have beaten everybody fair and square, no question at all. 

"Kalle also had really good dance moves, so he seems to be really fit for the night.

"The only person Kalle was really fighting with was himself.

"And the whole team, they did a good job and they beat everybody this year – but Kalle himself was really strong.

"For me, I mean, it's difficult to be happy when it was kind of a struggle. 

"In the end, we came out with the maximum points we could achieve, and obviously New Zealand is a great place to be with amazing roads".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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