Difficult for Hyundai to find the real cause of the fire on Sordo's car

The deputy team principal of Hyundai Motorsport, Julien Moncet, says that it will be difficult for the mechanics to find what caused the fire on Dani Sordo's i20N Rally1 as the car is completely destroyed.

The Spaniard driver will not continue at Rally Japan as he stopped 16.1 Km into Stage 2 due to the fact that his car caught fire. In fact, Gus Greensmith and Jonas Andersson stopped to help Sordo and Candido Carrera to put out the fire and gave them the fire extinguisher that they had inside their Ford Puma.

After that, the organizers of Rally Japan cancelled the stage, but initially SS2 was red flagged. Stage 3 was cancelled as well due to this incident.

"The crew is okay and that's the main thing", Moncet said.

"It's a sight that nobody wants to see - a huge drama, huge disappointment. 

"At the moment we have no further information other than what we have seen from the videos.

"Unfortunately I think it will be difficult to find out the real cause of this because I think there will be nothing left of the car.

"The right rear is the side of the exhaust - that's the only thing we can think about, but it could be many reasons and maybe something completely different. 

"We will try to analyse what is left and figure it out but I'm not sure we will find something".

Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

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