FIA does not plan to change WRC2 rules

The FIA rally director, Andrew Wheatley, confirms that there will be no changes to WRC2 class considering the number of participants and the high competition in 2022.

WRC2 class includes three subclasses: WRC2 Open Championship for drivers who have the support of a manufacturer, WRC2 Junior Championship for drivers under the 30 years old and WRC2 Master Championship for drivers over the 50 years old.

Every driver who takes part in WRC2 Open Championship has to compete in seven rounds and has the chance to choose in which rally will participate. Andreas Mikkelsen was the first of the WRC2 drivers who said that FIA should change the WRC2 format as many title contenders may not fight against each other for the most of the season which means that they can easily take wins and valuable points for the championship.

"The thing that you’ve also got to bear in mind is we’ve had a very good WRC2 battle on every round of the championship", Wheatley said.

"If we limited it to seven rallies or eight rallies which, commercially, is a lot for a private team to support, you would have a good battle on seven or eight rallies but nothing on the others.

"I think at the moment we have 92 drivers that have registered for WRC2 over the course of the season, which is phenomenal.

"Personally I’m not too concerned about it.

"We have a good battle in WRC2, we have lots of drivers who are able to be in the fight let’s say. 

"And in WRC2 you have three clear categories.

"You have the manufacturer supported drivers who should be at the front – they’re not always at the front but they should be at the front. 

"You have a really strong midfield, normally drivers with less experience or coming up through the ranks which again is being fought quite closely.

"And we also have the Masters, which again is providing more entries to the organizers and a really interesting battle over the course of the season.

"So I’m not too concerned at the moment as to where we are with WRC2".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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