Greensmith about Sordo's incident in Japan

Gus Greensmith describes what he saw when approached Dani Sordo's car at Rally Japan and what he did to help the last one.

Dani Sordo forced to stop 16,1 Km into Stage 2 as the rear of his i20N caught fire while the flames immediately were spread to all the car. He and his co-driver, Candido Carrera, went out of their car and the Spaniard driver were trying to put out the fire using an extinguisher. Gus Greensmith was the next one driver who started the SS2 after Sordo and he immediately pulled over his Puma to help the last one. Indeed, the M-Sport driver gave the extinguisher he carried to his Puma and gave it to Sordo who used it to the fire.

"I was literally at full speed, came around the corner and then there was the car on fire", Greensmith said.

"So thankfully I saw Dani and C├índido out of the car straight away, which is what we wanted to see, and then it was a case of trying to help them put the fire out, but we couldn’t.

"We tried to help him as much as we could, gave him the extinguisher. 

"But I mean, as soon as we ran out of extinguishers, how quickly it took… it took over the back of the car because it’s carbon fiber not steel, so it basically just lit the whole thing up incredibly quickly.

"So at least it wasn’t a crash and no-one was stuck in the car because I’ve not seen a fire take a car that quickly.

"There was a 200-liter tanker there before we left and that was doing nothing either, so yeah, tricky".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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