Greensmith explains his presence in Monte Carlo

Gus Greensmith explains why he chose to swith to a Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 car in 2023 and why he was in Monte Carlo last weekend.

The British driver will take part in seven rallies in WRC2 class this year and has sealed a deal with Toksport to rent the brand-new Skoda Fabia RS Rally2, but his programme remains unknown as he will not compete in Rally Sweden. M-Sport Ford announced Ott Tanak and Pierre-Louis Loubet as its drivers for 2023 season while Adrien Fourmaux and Gregoire Munster will be the WRC2 drivers for the team which means that Greensmith had no place at the squad after a eight-year partnership with them. 

"This year will be a big change, obviously", Greensmith said.

"The main thing will be that we have considerably less power, less aerodynamics and obviously no hybrid – so it’s going to require a different type of driving.

"That’s why I felt there was no reason to rush into Monaco.

"I haven’t driven a Rally2 car for a very long time, so I wanted to take my time to do some testing and find out exactly how I need to adjust to this car.

"From what I've seen already, even just on national rallies, the new car is looking very competitive. 

"The main reason we wanted to deal with Škoda and Toksport was because I wanted to be in the best car possible - and so far, it certainly seems we will be.

"We've already got at least three WRC drivers from last year in the category, plus a lot of up-and-coming talent. 

"It's going to be hugely competitive and it's hard to pick anyone that you think will be fast in each rally because I'm sure there'll be quite a few surprises. 

"Whoever wins each rally, it will be fully deserved".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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