M-Sport Ford expected Loubet not to continue in Monte after power steering issue

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that he believed that Pierre-Louis Loubet would give-up on Friday after the power steering problem he had at Rallye Monte Carlo.

The Corsican driver dropped over one minute on the final stage of Friday morning as he had no power steering after hitting a rock. Although there was a tyre fitting zone in which the M-Sport Ford mechanics could repair this problem for the afternoon loop, his car continued to carry this issue on the afternoon stages which meant that he had to drive slowly and eventually to drop time. However, Loubet did not give up after this problem and continued driving with the view of finishing his day instead of retiring. If he chose to retire for the rest of the Friday, it would mean that he had to take major time penalties to restart on Saturday under the regulations of Rally2. Apart from what Sebastien Ogier achieved in Monte Carlo as he became the WRC driver with the most victories there, the other remarkable moment is what Loubet did during the stages that he did not have power steering and everybody could see how exhausted he was when his arriving the stop control.

"It’s a good job he’s a body builder!", Millener said. 

"Fair play he did a hell of a job.

"I didn’t think he’d carry on.

"He just got on with it. 

"I think it’s the right decision as he lost less time than he would have, but it would have been hard work".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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