Renault presented the brand-new Clio Rally3 [+photo]

Renault Clio revealed the brand-new Clio Rally3 which can be used from regional rallies to World Rally Championship rounds.

The first public appearance of the new Clio Rally3 has been done in Andorra today and Renault unveiled the new technical specifications of the car. More specifically, there is a 1.3L turbocharger engine under the bonnet which is combined with a four-wheel drive and a five-speed sequential gearbox. The total output and torque are at 260 hp and 415 Nm respectively. Renault F1 Team has involved on Clio's development for the rallying series and the brand has reached an agreement with Castrol, a lubricants company, and with Michelin. The homologation is about to be done on April 2023 and after that the new Clio will be ready to make its appearance at the rallying series. 

Read below more technical speculations about the Renault Clio Rally3:

Watch more photos from the new Renault Clio Rally3:

Photo Credits: Renault

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