Fowler confirms no aero updates for Yaris in Mexico

The technical director of Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT, Tom Fowler, says that there will be no aero update to the front bumper of Yaris for Rally Mexico after the recent tests of the team.

The Japanese team was scheduled a four-day test for all of its drivers in Spain last weekend as the regulations of FIA do not permit the tests outside the European countries. Some people were present to Toyota's preparation for Rally Mexico and uploaded photos in which the front bumper of Yaris is very different to the one that the team used in the previous two rallies. However, Tom Fowler explains this new design, that many people noticed in Spain last weekend, saying that this cover of air intakes used as a simulation the conditions of Mexico (high altitude and high temperatures).

"In Spain its eight degrees", Fowler said. 

"In México it’s 30 degrees. 

"It’s a way of making the car hotter.

"Along with some other restrictors on the engine, we cover up a load of air intakes and make the car believe it’s up a mountain in México when it’s not.

"I did seem some social media talking about a new front aero device. 

"It made me smile".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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