Millener: Tanak reminds me of when Ogier was at M-Sport

The team principal of M-Sport Ford, Richard Millener, says that Ott Tanak's work reminds him of how Sebastien Ogier was working with the team and admits that his driver is the type of athlete that is looking for perfection.

Sebastien Ogier had been a M-Sport Ford driver for two years (2017-2018) and managed to add two more titles in his career when he was competing with the Cumbria-based team. Ott Tanak decided to leave Hyundai Motorsport at the end of 2022 and signed a contract with M-Sport Ford for this season. Despite the fact that Malcolm Wilson's team is a semi-factory one, the Estonian driver managed to take his first win of the season in Sweden although he set the fastest time only in one stage of this winter event. In addition to that, he has made clear that Puma is behind Yaris and i20N in terms of development and performance and has already recommended some solutions to make his car more competitive.

"Ott did a fantastic job", Millener said.

"He’s made it clear there’s still some things he wants to tweak to make it more comfortable for him, which we will continue to work on as hard as we possibly can.

"I think every calibre of athlete like he is is always looking for perfection.

"There will always be something.

"He reminds me a little bit of when we had Ogier in the team. 

"He’d work very, very hard to solve the problems he had, he’d solve them, and then he’d find some more.

"You’re never going to run out of things to change. 

"But the key is to find a balance in between and do everything you can to give the guys the tools they need".


Photo Credits: M-Sport

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