Why Loubet is not working closely with Tanak?

Pierre-Louis Loubet says that he is not working closely with Ott Tanak as they have different driving philosophy, but he listens to what his teammate is saying to M-Sport Ford.

The Corsican secured his first full WRC campaign with M-Sport Ford for 2023 as he was doing a limited number of events in the previous years. Ott Tanak returned to the Cumbria-based team as he decided to terminate prematurely his contract with Hyundai Motorsport in 2022. Both drivers have been selected by Malcolm Wilson's team to compete in all rounds of this season's championship in comparison with Hyundai and Toyota which have chosen four drivers and will field three Rally1 cars for 2023.

"No", Loubet answered when he was asked if he was working closely with Tänak.

"We are quite different in our setting philosophy, we are in a quite different driving philosophy.

"But I listen a lot to what he’s saying because he’s a great champion and experience is great.

"But yeah we have a different driving philosophy".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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