Rally Mexico organizers fighting to keep their event to WRC calendar

The manager of Rally Mexico, Gilles Spitalier, says that the organizers are working hard on keeping this gravel event to WRC calendar for next year and they do not be complacement despite their return.

Rally Mexico will host the first gravel round of this year's championship and will be held on 16-19 March with 23 stages to go. This iconic event returned to WRC calendar after a two-year absence from it as COVID-19 pandemic affected its conducting. 2020 was the last year that Rally Mexico was at World Rally Championship with Sebastien Ogier equalizing Sebastien Loeb in victories at this Latin event as both f them have won six times there. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the first one has won Rally Mexico with four different teams [Volkswagen, M-Sport Ford, Citroen, Toyota].

"We are back", Spitalier said.

"That’s nice. 

"But we have a one-year contract. 

"That’s the reality.

"This is a business for many people and many countries want to be in. 

"We know we have to fight to keep our place – I am very clear on this with the people in the event and with the government and with everybody involved.

"We have to push, the attitude is not: ‘Ah, we’re back and everything is fine.’ 

"We must push.

"This pushes us to do the best event we can. 

"Every year we will be in the fight to stay in the calendar. 

"The competition is harder and harder. 

"We will do our best and we have to hope México has found its niche and we will be back in 2024.

"We are preparing and doing everything like we’re going to be there, so we better be there".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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