Rally1 cars to feature a sound module from Rally Portugal

FIA announced that there will some changes to Rally1 cars from 1 May which will be related to their sound.

More specifically, a sound module will be complied to all Rally1 cars with specific criteria. First of all, the minimum sound in open areas will be at 80db, at 2m from the front and from the rear of the vehicle and 1m high from the ground level. This machinary will be activated while the drivers are on EV mode and their cars have speed whereas it will be deactivated at zero Km/h including reverse gear. In addition to these, the sound module will shut down when the speed of the car is higher than 30 Km/h. Finally, it must be mentioned that during the scrutineering there will be a test mode with the intention of the mechanics to check if the sound module is working properly and it is permitted to be activated at zero Km/h, but only for this occasion.

The new regulations will be applied from 1 May 2023 meaning that Rally Portugal will be the first race in which the Rally1 cars will bring this sound module.

Photo Credits: Toyota

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