Wilson gets his first ride with Ford Puma

The team boss of M-Sport Ford, Malcolm Wilson, got behind the wheel of Ford Puma Rally1 for the first time as he revealed that he had tested every generation of car.

Wilson founded M-Sport in 1979 which is a private team running Ford cars in World Rally Championship all these years. Since WRC entered to hybrid era in 2022, he tested the Ford Puma when his mechanics created it before starting their development tests, but ever since he did not drive it. Today was the day that he had the chance to get behind the wheel of Puma in Cumbria and to get a taste of its improvements as the team made some changes to it during last and current season. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that he drove Jourdan Serderidis's car in a private site which is very close to M-Sport's factory.

"I did drive one of the very early test cars, but that was very much in its early stages", Wilson said.

"I’ve driven every generation of car, and to be honest, this does feel the most complete car in every sense - not just security wise for the driver and co-driver, but in everything else it does as well.

"Okay, we were on gravel tyres and gravel suspension on a test circuit, so it’s a bit different to being on gravel. 

"But you can instantly feel that this is the tool to do the job.

"The whole package feels as if it’s made to do the job. 

"It’s at least two years since I probably drove the first one, and it’s just evolved in every area so much since then".

Source: wrc.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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