Ogier takes time penalty for his and Landais's seatbelt breach in SS2

The stewards of Croatia Rally decided to give to Sebastien Ogier a time penalty as he and his co-driver, Vincent Landais, did not fasten correctly their belts in Stage 2 while he was driving.

The French crew stopped 12 Km into SS2 as they had to change a puncture and lost more than one minute there resulting in dropping from first to seventh place overall. However, he and Landais entered to their car and started immediately, but both of them did not fasten so tight their belts meaning that he breached the safety regulations of FIA. In addition to that, Landais's HANS device was not correctly positioned. The stewards examined an on-board video and saw this infringement, thus the Toyota pair gets a one-minute penalty which must be applied at TC8C. As a result of that, they lose their fifth place and drop to seventh behind Takamoto Katsuta and Pierre-Louis Loubet.

Read below the decision of the stewards:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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