Toyota unveils Evans's Shakedown issue in Croatia

Toyota reveals the technical issue that Elfyn Evans's car carried in Shakedown this morning after the stewards of Croatia Rally notificated them.

According to the sporting regulations of FIA, each Rally1 driver must run at least three times throughout a Shakedown session of a WRC round. Elfyn Evans passed only once from the Shakedown stage "Okic" as his Toyota Yaris carried a technical issue which was related to the turbo. This is why the stewards called the sporting director of Toyota, Kaj Lindstrom, to explain the reason why the Welshman did not continue after his first run. In fact, Evans was so worried about his Yaris issue that he left immediately from the stage end interview and his aim was to return back to the service area, but he delayed to arrive there. The stewards estimated all these parametres and decided not to follow up on giving penalties to him.

"Mr. Lindström explained that car No.33 had a technical issue regarding the turbo during Shakedown", the stewards' statement says. 

"The car was recovered from the stage to the Service Park after 13:00 hrs and as the turbo had severe damages, the team had to check thoroughly also the engine to avoid further damages. 

"Due to the late arrival of the car at the Service Park and following a long inspection on the engine, the crew of car No. 33 was not able to do the remaining two passages of the Shakedown, which ended at 15:00 hrs".

Read below the statement of the Rally Croatia stewards:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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