FIA is thinking of a cost cap introduction to attract more car brands in WRC

FIA is considering of adapting the cost cap measure to World Rally Championship in the future as the Foundation is trying to draw some new car manufacturers to the sport.

WRC is currently running with two manufacturers (Toyota, Hyundai) and one semi-manufacturer team (M-Sport Ford) after Citroen's departure from the series at the end of 2019. Despite the fact, that WRC became hybrid since 2022, some car brands including Renault are interested to rejoin the championship if the cars are full electric whereas some others (Alpine, Stellantis Group, Skoda) are waiting from FIA to announce the new regulations which are set to be applied from 2025 and will be an evolution of the current ones. Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the cost cap measure has been applied to Formula 1 and Formula E and this measure targets to decrease the gap of the small from the big teams.

"This is an ongoing work at the moment", WRC senior sporting director Peter Thul said. 

"I remember when there was a cost assumption for the current cars. 

"I don't tell you the number, but it's a little bit drifting away in the wrong direction.

"Okay, it's engineer-driven sport and the engineers want to have the fastest cars. 

"But a cost cap is super important.

"We have to get the costs down. 

"The Rally1 team bosses all have to go the board and they have to justify the investment, that's for sure".

Finally, Mestelan Pinon, the FIA technical director, said: "I think for a manufacturer it makes more sense to spend money on marketing and activation than money for a crazy piston or whatever you want to save 10 grams or something like that.

"I strongly believe that if we can reduce the cost of the technology it would make more more sense for me, because the brand will have more power to activate. 

"It would be good for them and good for the championship.

"I strongly believe it is a good option. 

"It is something relevant in F1 and Formula E and it is something that is on the table if everyone can agree and it makes sense to do it".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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