Loubet about his retirement in Stage 10 of Rally Portugal

Pierre-Louis Loubet explains his crash in Stage 10 of Rally de Portugal which led him to retire for the rest of the day.

The Corsican driver was standing in fifth place overall after the opening stage of Saturday as he lost his fourth position from Esapekka Lappi after SS9. In Stage 10, he was forced to stop and to retire from the day as he went off the road 36.5 Km into SS10 and hit something hard on the inside of a corner resulting in damaging the steering of his Puma. After this incident, Lappi, Dani Sordo and Kalle Rovanpera had to slow down to pass his car as it was parked on a narrow section and it was very difficult for them to drive at high-speed. M-Sport Ford has not confirmed yet if he and Nicolas Gilsoul will restart on Sunday under the regulations of Rally2.

"Just the corner before I hit something in the apex and unfortunately that pushed me out of the line and at the exit I touched the wall", Loubet said.

"So… big damage on the right, unfortunately the damper is out, I think.

"It’s impossible to repair".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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