M-Sport worked together with Ford Performance ahead of Sardinia as Tanak reveals

Ott Tanak reveals that M-Sport worked together with Ford Performance during their pre-event test for Rally Italia Sardegna with the view of increasing the performance of Puma and says that the target is to get closer to their competitors.

Since the beginning of this season, Tanak has said many times that his team must close its gap with their rivals by offering him a more competitive car while Richard Millener had stated that the M-Sport mechanics are working hard to bring upgrades to the Puma Rally1 with the intention of helping their driver to stay at the fight for the 2023 WRC title. Despite the Estonian's victory at Rally Sweden three months ago, the Cumbrian-based team does not rest on its laurels and is still working hard and this can be proved by the fact that it not only Tanak that performed well on the stages, but also his teammate, Pierre-Louis Loubet, won the first stage of Rally de Portugal and was the leader of this event after SS1 which was the second time in his WRC career that led a rally.

Rally Italia Sardegna is about to start in five days from today and M-Sport Ford completed already its preparations for the sixth WRC round as it scheduled tests for its drivers in Portugal from 29 to 30 April.

"Sardinia is a unique rally in many ways, the roads are demanding with very low grip conditions but at the same time very narrow and fast between trees and rock faces", Ī¤anak said. 

"I always enjoy driving there!

"All the M-Sport team, together with the Ford Performance guys in the US, have been on it to bring on the next steps in our performance and we have a busy test day before Sardinia. 

"We are looking into everything to extract some extra speed.

"The target is to get another step closer to our competitors. 

"Things will take a bit of time, but I’m sure that improving step by step we will be there one moment!".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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