Ogier reprimanded for entering to his Yaris before the refueling operation had completed

Sebastien Ogier received a reprimand and a suspended fine for entering to his car before the refueling operation had completed after the end of Saturday morning loop.

Ogier and Vincent Landais reversed back to the Refueling Zone 4 after refueling to add some more fuel and during this second refueling, the eight-time World Rally Champion entered the car before the refueling personnel had finished the refueling operation. This means that there are two breaches on the sporting regulations of FIA, therefore the stewards decided to reprimand him and to give him a suspended fine of 1.000 euros if he will no further breach of Article 61.2 of the 2023 FIA WRC Sporting Regulation (Refueling Procedure) at any WRC round of this season.

After their summon, Ogier explained to the stewards that immediately after refueling in the Refuelling Zone 4, he and Landais realised that a little bit more fuel was needed and therefore had decided to reverse back to the Refueling Zone 4 in order to add some more fuel. In addition to that, he supported that they were outside the car during the second refueling operation. On the other hand, the refuelling personnel stated that the crew reversed immediately to after their first refueling operation and were outside their car, but Ogier entered to his Yaris 1-2 seconds before the second refueling procedure was completely finished which is not allowed to do it for safety reasons, therefore the personnel had to stop the second refueling at that point. 

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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