Rovanpera asks from FIA to rethink tyre strategies for Powerstage

Kalle Rovanpera calls FIA to find a solution on tyre strategies for Powerstage as he believes that it is not good for the fans to watch the drivers going slowly on that stage due to the fact that they are using old tyres.

According to the new sporting regulations of FIA, in the interests of reducing the hours that volunteer officials must be in duty, morning service on gravel events is removed from the itinerary meaning that the Rally1 cars can be fixed only at night services after the end of each rally day. This measure is a challenge for the drivers who may face some problems with their Rally1 cars on the morning loops. Last but not least, the tyre fitting zones are not any more on the rally routes on Sundays, therefore it is very difficult for the Rally1 drivers to be on the limit in Powerstage. If they do so, this means that they are not on the limit at the previous stages before the start of PS with the intention of saving their tyres for PS and of scoring some bonus points for the championship.

"I think it is quite clear, FIA has to make a rule to keep new tyres before the Power Stage", Rovanpera said. 

"I think it is not a big add to the cost and it is quite easy to make a tyre fitting zone before the Power Stage. 

"Like in Portugal it is the same thing, when there is no fight it feels bad for the fans. 

"We are actually going very slow on the stage and you do it because everybody else do this also. 

"It is not so nice for the fans and not for us either. 

"I think that could be a solution".

Photo Credits: Toyota

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