Solberg receives time penalty for getting over the tyre number limit

The stewards of Safari Rally Kenya gave to Oliver Solberg a time penalty for using more tyres than the permitted limit.

The Swede driver competed with the Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 in Kenya this weekend and would not score points for the WRC2 championship as his target was to gain experience from this event. The FIA Technical Delegate noticed at the end of Safari Rally that he used 27 tyres instead of the 26 tyres authorised for the rally, therefore the stewards decided to give him a two-minute time penalty for this breach.  Mr. Puskadi explained that, after Recce, they had decided to only use tyres of the soft compound during the rally. On Friday, they had returned the tyres of the hard compound to the authorised tyre supplier. The Competitor assumed that the additional tyre which was scanned by the scrutineers was part of the tyres they had returned to the supplier, and not counted within the maximum overall quantity of tyres permitted for the rally.

Nevertheless, the chart provided by the FIA Technical Delegate shows that during the first day of the rally one hard compound tyre was scanned by the scrutineers at the tyre checks; it was therefore either fitted on or installed in the car. This tyre was included in the maximum overall quantity permitted to be used during the rally.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

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