Tanak asks from M-Sport to find extra speed for the next two rallies

Ott Tanak says that M-Sport Ford must find extra speed for the following two rallies after the tricky season he has so far.

The Estonian driver won only once so far this year as he was the winner of Rally Sweden four months ago and M-Sport Ford returned to the top of the podium after 13 months. Since then, he had only one podium finish (2nd place overall at Croatia Rally) abd faced many problems with his car which were related to the turbo, the damper, hybrid unit and engine. Generally, he is struggling to find pace with his Puma and had stated after Rally Sardinia that he is not close to take a stage win as the car is not so competitive in comparison with the Yaris and the i20N. Last but not least, Richard Millener had said that Tanak wanted to change all the design philosophy including the suspension geometry.

"Altogether a great safari with a lot of passionate fans a people who clearly love rally", Tanak said. 

"So far it's been a bit tricky this year, so we need to find a bit of speed for the next rally as it is all about the speed now".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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