EKO Acropolis Rally superspecial stage to be held near the sea

The organizers of Acropolis Rally announced today that the superspecial stage of their event will be held at Athens Riviera which is very close to the sea.

Superspecial stages have a special place at the WRC calendar and is always running on Thursdays. In 2021, Acropolis Rally returned to World Rally Championship after an eight-year absence from the sport and the organizers decided to host a superspecial stage at the centre of Athens, at Syntagma Square, where the cars passed in front of the Greek Parliament. In 2022, the superspecial stage moved into OAKA Stadium after 16 years, where there were many head-to-head battles, and was one of the most iconic SSS at the calendar as many drivers stated that they always wanted to compete there. Now, the Athens Riviera will be location which will host the superspecial stage of 1,48 Km, but there will be no head-to-head battles. The organizers chose this place as Greece is rumored for its seaside areas and islands and the crews will head to Athens Riviera after the ceremonial start which will be held near Acropolis.

Photo Credits: Toyota

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