Saudi Arabia and US lose the chance for a WRC return, 13 rallies to be running in 2024

According to sources, FIA and WRC Promoter are close in approving a 13-round WRC calendar for 2024, but Saudi Arabia and US will not be at the championship.

So far, it is known that Monte Carlo, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Kenya, Portugal, Latvia and Chile will be for sure running a WRC event in 2024 as all these countries have a multi-year agreement with WRC Promoter. Estonia will miss out its place from the calendar as Latvia will replace this fast gravel rally and 2024 will be the first year for this country in World Rally Championship. Moreover, Croatia, which was the fourth WRC round this year, is expected to renew its deal with WRC Promoter and FIA, therefore it may continue in WRC the upcoming year. Finally, Central European Rally and Rally Japan are set to secure their slots in WRC for 2024.

Rally Poland is set to make its return to World Rally Championship after a six-year absence from the series and will replace Rally Mexico as the last one event has no contract at the moment. Argentina is likely to be the only American event next year and will return to the championship since 2019 as it was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Although it was speculated that US will host a WRC event in 2024, WRC Promoter and FIA eye on adding this country to the WRC calendar of 2025 as well as Saudi Arabia. However, a candidate event close to Jeddah is set to run in 2024 as part of the Middle East championship, therefore it is very likely this rally to be contained to the World Rally Championship from 2025. Last but not least, Rally GB misses out again the chance to make its come back to WRC due to lack of government finding as Northern Ireland was the candidate country to host a tarmac rally.



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