Pirelli justifies the reason behind its departure from WRC

The boss of Pirelli, Mario Isola, explains why the Italian tyre firm decided not to take part in FIA's tender which has to do with which brand will be the exclusive WRC tyre supplier from 2025 to 2027.

Pirelli Motorsport became the exclusive WRC tyre supplier in 2021 as the brand won the FIA's tender after Michelin confirmed its exit from World Rally Championship at the end of 2020. It was a very difficult return for Pirelli in WRC as many drivers complained about the tyre quality after suffering from punctures, but the brand worked very hard to solve these problems. Although it was speculated that Pirelli would present four different types of tyres on this year's FIA tender, eventually the Italian brand confirmed its departure from WRC at the end of 2024 while it is hinted that Michelin, MRF and Hankook are the contenders to bid on FIA's contest.

"Cost saving was not really part of the decision because we have a team dedicated to WRC and we believe in this period we got what we wanted in terms of being a part of the sport in the top class", Isola said.

"We will continue to put our resources in ERC and national championships and the team that is looking after WRC and rally in general is not the same team we have for Formula 1. 

"We will continue to develop products for rally because that is really relevant for our technology transfer on snow, ice and gravel, so we want to be involved in rallying. 

"We are expanding our activity on historic rallies and some other championships. 

"Obviously we cannot be everywhere and we have to make choices. 

"I believe this period was good to come back to WRC after quite a long period, as last the time we were supplying WRC cars was 2010. 

"After 10 years it was a good exercise to come back for this period to show our brand at the highest level of WRC and now we want to concentrate on other ways".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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