The crews and the team get a heavy storm warning by Acropolis organizers

The organizers of Acropolis Rally warned the crews and the teams about this week's forecast as it is set to rain heavily during the race.

Acropolis Rally is about to begin in three days with the Shakedown session, the ceremonial start and the superspecial stage, but the organizers published a file yesterday in which they explain that the weather will be rainy with many storms, something very unusual for this Greek event. In 2021, the crews faced wet conditions, but it is expected that the weather will be even worst this weekend, therefore all the competitors are required to secure their tents and other constructions in the Service Park and to keep their service bays manned at all times should the severe weather conditions hit the area, according to the organizers' statement.

Acropolis Rally includes 15 stages and 307,89 competitive kilometers as 2023 marks the 70 years of this iconic event in rallying.

Watch below the organizers' statement:

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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