Evans reveals the cause of his CER retirement in SS11

Elfyn Evans explains the crash he had in Stage 11 on Saturday morning at Central European Rally which had as a result to retire for the rest of the day.

The Welshman was in third place overall at the end of Stage 10 and was chasing Thierry Neuville for the second position of Central European Rally until the time the first one had an accident in SS11. The incident happened when he understeered his Yaris and ran wide into a wooden shed 6.3 Km into SS11. After this accident, he tried to reverse, but the rear right wheel was broken which means that it was game over for him and Scott Martin. Their title hopes are been faded as the only thing that Kalle Rovanpera must do is to complete Central European Rally to clinch his second consecutive title in World Rally Championship.

"The car braked initially okay and the speed came off as I had expected but at the moment I turned in it locked an inside front wheel and it pushed us out, and when the road is narrow like that there was absolutely nowhere to go", Evans said.

"It wasn’t too big an impact. 

"We were heading into the shed, let’s say, too fast to go in head-first.

"We tried to rotate the car to maybe see if I could get away with hitting it sideways but unfortunately I caught the radiator on the corner of the shed.

"The main issue was that the slab of the shed was not level with the ground and it was sticking up eight or nine inches, and it ripped the rear wheel off".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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