Loubet and Veillas penalized and fined for safety reasons

The stewards of Central European Rally decided to give to Pierre-Louis Loubet and to Benjamin Veillas a time penalty and a fine as both of them breached the safety regulations of FIA in Stage 4.

More specifecally, Loubet drove throuthout the Stage 4 withgout having his helmet strap correctly fastened and with his balaclava not properly worn while his new co-driver, Veillas, had his overall not correctly closed with part of his balaclava outside of it. The stewards considered their actions, as they were not in accordance with FIA regulations, and both of them have to pay a fine of 1.500 euros jointly. In addition to the fine, they received a one-minute time penalty which will be applied at TC5. Loubet and Veillas were in eighth place overall at the end of Stage 5, just six tenths of a second behind Gregoire Munster, but after this time penalty they slipped behind Sebastien Ogier and are now ninth.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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