Munster fined for not driving on EV mode before the Shakedown

The stewards of Central European Rally gave to Gregoire Munster a fine today as he breached the hybrid regulations of FIA at the service park area.

More specifically, the driver from Luxembourg did not drive on full-electric mode inside the service park area before the start of the Shakedown session on Wednesday 25 October which is not accordance with the FIA regulations as the rules say that every Rally1 driver has to be on EV mode in specific zones including the Service Park. As a result of that, Munster and his co-driver, Louis Louka, have to pay jointly a fine of 1.000 euros as Celine Gues, the sporting coordinator of the team, accepted his crew's mistake while the stewards concluded that the fine penalty was appropriate since this infringment was committed during a day without a competitive element of the rally.

Watch below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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