Rovanpera receives a notional time for SS12 after the incident with Munster

The stewards of Rally Chile examined the incident between Kalle Rovanpera and Gregoire Munster in Stage 12 and decided to give to the first one a notional time for that stage.

More specifically, Gregoire Munster stopped 11.4 Km into Stage 12 after his hitting a bank and he thought that the steering arm of his Puma was broken. The Luxembourger eventually had a double right puncture, therefore he decided to rejoin the stage not long before Kalle Rovanpera and was not driving so fast. This had as a result for the reigning WRC Champion to slow down as he was driving through Munster's dust who completed SS12 after seven minutes. The stewards examined this incident and decided to correct Rovanpera's time to 17:40.0 which means that his gap from Evans is now reduced from 1:01.0 to 39,3 seconds after his receiving the notional time.

Watch below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Toyota

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