Rovanpera relieved with the 2nd title as 2023 championship fight was tighter than in 2022

Kalle Rovanpera admits that he is going to enjoy more this year's title than in 2022 considering the fact that the championship fight was even tighter than before and reveals the reason why he stopped pushing for the win of Central European Rally.

The Finn driver clinched his second title in World Rally Championship at the age of 23 years while he became the youngest WRC Champion in 2022 at the age of 22 years and one day old. In 2023, the fight was tighter in comparison with last year as Rovanpera had three rivals to face during this season, but his main title opponent was his teammate Elfyn Evans who had to score more points than the two-time World Rally Champion this weekend to draw their battle out at Rally Japan next month. Finally, it must be mentioned that now Rovanpera has equal titles with some other iconic names of World Rally Championship, such as Marcus Gronholm and Carlos Sainz.

"It feels really good right now", Rovanpera said. 

"I’m really relieved, because it’s always a big burden on your shoulders when you’re fighting for a title. 

"I think this year, it was tougher and more of a challenge than last year. 

"The competition was tighter but we did a really good job. 

"I’m really proud of the season that we did and I think I’m going to enjoy this one more than the first one. 

"This was a difficult event with some of the trickiest conditions we’ve had for a long time, but we kept our cool and stuck to our plan. 

"We had to make of use our starting position on Friday, which we did, but once Elfyn went out, it was clear we didn’t need to fight for the win anymore because there was a bigger goal we were aiming for. 

"A big thanks to Jonne and the whole team, and to everybody who is supporting us. 

"Now I’m going to enjoy Rally Japan".

Photo Credits: Toyota

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