Ogier reflects on Rovanpera's decision to step back in 2024

Sebastien Ogier is talking about Kalle Rovanpera's announcement to have a part-time programme in 2024 saying that his decision was a mature and an courageous one.

The two-time World Rally Champion decided to have a partial programme with Toyota for next year as he wants to take a rest mentally and physically due to the fact that he has been professionally driving for 15 years. His decision was very unpredictable and shocking, as he recently clinched his second consecutive title in World Rally Championship, and everybody expected that he would continue with the intention of his doing a hat-trick. However, it must be mentioned that it was rumored earlier this month that he might take a year-off from WRC or he would have a partial or a full-season programme in 2024 since he has not completed his military duties yet. Eventually, he chose to do a selected number of events next season and may compete in the same rally as Sebastien Ogier while his desire is to take part in other sports, such as drifting.

"I think, like everybody, when I first learned about it, it was a bit of a shock", Ogier said. 

"But then with some reflection, I understood and respect Kalle even more for doing what he is doing.

"To have the courage to take this decision at this moment of his life, I think it’s a big sense and a big sign of maturity.

"He’s 23 years old.

"He definitely has the time to come back whenever he wants and reach much more success and make some records if he wants".

Source: DirtFish.com

Photo Credits: Toyota

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