Sordo's crash caused by his missing the braking point in SS2

Dani Sordo is talking about his early crash he had at Rally Japan which led him to retire for the rest of the weekend.

The Spaniard said to DirtFish before the start of Rally Japan that he might do four or five rallies in 2024 which means that this event would not be his last one in World Rally Championship. His aim was to get another victory at the premiere class, but his hopes ended very early as he crashed 11 Km into Stage 2. he incident happened when Sordo locked up under braking and slid down an embankment resulting in swiping some trees along his way. The conditions were horrible on Friday as there were many leaves and pine needles on the road, thus the drivers had no grip. In addition to that, another disadvantage is the narrow roads in Japan meaning that there was no room for mistakes yesterday considering the wet conditions. Finally, it must be mentioned that Takamoto Katsuta had a spin in the same spot before Sordo started that stage while Adrien Fourmaux went off the road in the same location as the Hyundai driver.

"I’m really disappointed for myself and the team, but it was really difficult conditions", Sordo said. 

"We just missed the braking 11 kilometres into the stage. 

"We started aquaplaning and we went straight on. 

"I touched the brakes and one side locked up. 

"We also had some mist on our screen which was a little distracting. 

"Until then we were doing ok in the stage, we were taking no risks, but when you’re aquaplaning you can’t do anything. 

"It looks like it was particularly slippery at that section with both Katsuta and Fourmaux also having problems at the same corner".

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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