Hankook becomes the new WRC tyre supplier, new number for permitted hybrid units

FIA announced today that there will be some changes to World Rally Championship in the future with the most significant of them being the new tyre supplier, the minimum Shakedown runs and the maximum number of hybrid units.

More specifically, Hankook won FIA's tyre tender, which was published last July, and will replace Pirelli Motorsport as both parties reached a three-year agreement which will start from 2025. In addition to that, the minimum passes of Rally1 crews from the Shakedown stage will be two instead of three while there can be a third pass for promotionals reasons as a media or VIP passenger ride determined by WRC Promoter will offer greater exposure opportunities to the championship. In the view of reducing the costs, a maximum of three hybrid units per season will be allowed in 2025 and 2026 instead of nine. Finally, there will be some changes on the format for the points on three championships, especially on Sunday, but further details will be confirmed later. In WRC2 class, based on feedback from competitors, P2 crews will now be allowed to use route note cars and a different start order on Friday will be implemented to avoid discrepancies with P1 drivers.

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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