Will Rally1 cars be replaced by Rally2 plus cars in 2025?

According to Italian media, it is rumored that the Rally1 cars will be replaced by the Rally2 plus cars with immediate effect, but it is still up to FIA what will decide for the future of World Rally Championship.

The regulations of Rally1 cars are in effect until the end of 2026, but it is rumored that FIA will replace them with the Rally2 plus cars at the end of 2024. The new cars will be an evolution of the current Rally2 cars, but these developed cars will be named as Rally2 plus cars and will have an upgraded engine. In addition to the engine, there will be a different aero package which will be very similar to the cars we have seen until the end of 2016. So far, it is very unclear how FIA will move on, but the WRC teams will have further discussions with the Federation on the next World Motor Council which will be held on February 28. The reason behind this immediate change is that the each current Rally1 car costs almost one million euros which is the most expensive car in WRC history, but further details will be announced in one month if the Rally2 plus cars will be hybrid or not.

Photo Credits: Skoda Motorsport

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