Hyundai was not corcerned of Neuville's fuel problem in Sweden

The Hyundai Motorsport’s engineering consultant, Christian Loriaux, says that his team was not concerned of Thierry Neuville's fuel problem at Rally Sweden as this issue existed in the past.

The Belgian driver received a 40-second time penalty for checking four minutes late in Stage 6 as he and Martijn Wydaeghe were checking their i20N due to the fact that the engine could not start. Neuville stated that his car faced a fuel pressure issue, but Elfyn Evans doubted of his rival's problems as the last one was forced to open the road on the three final stages of Friday resulting in dropping time compared to Adrien Fourmaux who was in second place and ahead of EE. Finally, it must be mentioned that these fuel problems are not something new to Hyundai, because they occurred in the past even when Hayden Paddon was at the Korean squad.

"It’s mainly the low-pressure fuel system that feeds the high-pressure fuel pump that causes a problem", Loriaux said.

"So we didn’t build the low-pressure fuel pressure, so he had to work on it a bit to get it fired up. 

"It’s not really a big, big problem. 

"We don’t know 100% where it comes from, but it’s not a big problem. 

"But it stopped him for the time it did.

"We’ve had that before, but it’s not too scary. 

"But you lose the time to start the engine. 

"I mean, it’s always a problem if it happens when you have no time.

"If you’re OK on time, it’s no problem. 

"You lose a bit of time to sort it out, to prime it. 

"It’s not a big deal. 

"You know it’s not a showstopper, as long as you’ve got time. 

"If you stall it in a stage, you would lose more".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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