Rally GB revival set to move to Scotland from 2026

The WRC event director, Simon Larkin, reveals that FIA and WRC Promoter are in initial discussions with Motorsport UK to revive Rally GB in Scotland from 2026.

The discussions between FIA, WRC Promoter and Motorsport UK were held in Sweden last week as Rally Great Britain lost its place on the calendar in at the end of 2019. Ireland tries to secure a WRC slot on the calendar from 2025 with a three-year deal and a rotation city system in which Waterford, Limerick and Kerry will be the rally centers. A decision on Ireland's return to World Rally Championship is expected to arrive next month as Motorsport Ireland has to secure a 15 million euros funding from the government, but this means that the situation will get more complicated for Rally Great Britain's rejoin. Finally, it must be mentioned that Wales was the host country of Rally GB in WRC the recent years while it was rumored that Northern Ireland was a potential candidate for UK, but now the organizers have moved their attention to Scotland which has never been at the calendar.

"We met with David Richards and Hugh Chambers and had some very initial discussions", Larkin said.

"I would say it’s at very, very initial stages from their side. 

"We’ll just continue to work with them.

"They’ve asked for some details from us and some proposals from us and we’ll do that in the next few weeks and give them some more data to go on".

Finally, the Motorsport UK CEO, Hugh Chambers, said: "We are looking at all the home nations, revisiting Wales and having conversations in Scotland and looking at the North of England. 

"We won’t stop. 

"There is no question that it is massive unfinished business for us to get the WRC back".

Source: Motorsport.com

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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