Solberg fined for filming whilst driving on Safari recce

The stewards of Safari Rally Kenya gave to Oliver Solberg a fine which is suspended until the end of this season as he breached the FIA's international code.

More specifically, the stewards saw an Instagram story on Solberg's account which showed a hand-held mobile device filming whilst he was driving on recce, therefore the stewards decided to give him a suspended fine of 2.000 euros if he repeats this action again during the 2024 season. Solberg stated that the video concerned was actually filmed and posted to his social media account by his social media manager, Mr. Liam Johnston, and that the footage was taken in a vehicle other than the registered reconnaissance vehicle of car No.20. In addition to that, the Swede driver apologised and stated that he understood the mistake that had happened and the negative image that this would have to people following his social media account, thus this video was removed from his social media account immediately after they understood their mistake.

Watch below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

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