Tanak escapes a penalty with a reprimand for hybrid system status lights failure after SD

The stewards of Safari Rally Kenya gave to Ott Tanak a reprimand as the lights of the hybrid system status failued to work during his return back to the service park after the end of the Shakedown session.

More specifically, Tanak suffered from a hybrid issue with his Hyundai i20N Rally1 on his third pass from the Shakedown stage "Loldia" and managed to drive safely back to the service area. However, the green lights for the hybrid system were off and the Estonian crew did not notice that which means that they breached the FIA's rules as they had to stop immediately the car for safety reasons. The stewards s investigated the data provided by SAS for car No. 8 regarding the hybrid unit light statuses and established that the hybrid status light of car No. 8 went out for 2 minutes and 15 seconds before arriving at their service bay. From his side, Tanak explained that during driving on the special stages andliaisons, the hybrid status light inside the car is visible for both drivers but it isdifficult to monitor it at all times as the light is located between the seats and there is no alarm in case the hybrid light goes off while his team informed the crew that the hybrid system light was off when they arrived back to the service bay. Considering all these, the stewards of Safari Rally Kenya decided not to give any further action to this incident and reprimanded Tanak and Martin Javeoja for their action.

Read below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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