Toyota's recce cars were delayed to arrive at Kenya in time

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT has not received its recce cars yet as the boat is about to arrive at Mombasa with a five-hour delay.

The three GR Yaris Rally1 cars are currently in Naivasha, but the Japanese team does not have the tools to construct their base at the service park and its three GR Yaris recce cars with which Kalle Rovanpera, Elfyn Evans and Takamoto Katsuta will start passing from the stages to make their final adjustments to their pacenotes. The recce will last two days and is about to begin on Monday 25 March at 07:00 in the morning while Tuesday will be the final recce day as the Shakedown session will be held on Wednesday. The recce cars were about to arrive at Saturday 02:00 in the morning in Mombasa and afterwards a truck will transport them in Naivasha which is eight hours far from Mombasa. So far, it is yet to be confirmed if Toyota has already collected its cars which will be used for the recce in two days from today.

"We’re not concerned about this", the Toyota's sporting director, Kaj Lindstrom said. 

"We’ve been monitoring the situation and working with the organisers. 

"I think the boat is something like five hours delayed, but we’ll be in the service park on Sunday, no worries".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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