What is the function of the snorkels in Kenya?

Safari Rally of Kenya is back to the Easter dates after more than a decade and every manufacturer will fit a snorkel to their cars.
As Safari Rally will be held on March, the conditions are expected to be rainy during the upcoming weekend which means that we will see a more demanding version of the rally compared to the past years. As a result of that, the teams will bring a snorkel to the cars which is an air intake and is fitted to the bonnet grille and crosses the windscreen to end up to the roof. Every single rallying supporter has connected Safari Rally with snorkels which were very popular on the stages in the 1990s and the early 2000s, but they will make their appearance again this week. The snorkel helps crews tackle deep water crossings and fesh-fesh to avoid rally-ending ingress of water and dust into the engine itself while it has an impact to the aerodynamics as well. M-Sport Ford, Skoda, Hyundai and Toyota have already tested their cars with the snorkels during their pre-event preparations for Safari Rally.

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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