FIA is not at war with WRC manufacturers despite the regulations delay

The FIA road sport director, Andrew Wheatley, says that the Federation is not at war and needs to find harmony with the WRC manufacturers considering the delay on technical regulations and reveals that the new rules will be announced in June.

FIA made some major decisions on February 28 in which the drivers may participate with Rally1 cars without the hybrid units, but it is yet to be confirmed if the next cars will be Rally1 minor or Rally2 plus in 2025. In addition to that, they proposed a cost cap reduction which are related to the number of engines that a driver can use during a season plus the introduction of a new safety cell and the reduction in the air restrictor and the aerodynamics. However, WRC teams are asking from FIA to hurry with the new regulations, as 2025 season is about to start in eight months, and will have not enough time to prepare and to test their new cars, but the next World Motor Council will take place in June which means that the manufacturers will have to wait until then to see how they will move forward.

"The position we are in at the moment is we need to find harmony with the manufacturers and honestly I don’t think we are so far away", Wheatley said.

"We have another World Motor Sport Council coming in June where we have to make the preparations six weeks before and we are now right in the process and we are meeting constantly with the manufacturers and exchanging ideas.

"The latest date to communicate the technical rules is the June World Motor Sport Council. 

"There is an impression that there is a war between the FIA and the manufacturers and there is not. 

"We had a meeting in Geneva that wasn’t 100% negative, we had a very good two-day discussion about a number of topics.

"We are fully understanding of the position of where the manufacturers are. 

"They just want to do nothing, nothing at all".


Photo Credits: Toyota

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