Rally Poland's distance confirmed

The organizers of Rally Poland announced the competitive kilometers of their event which will host the seventh round of this year's championship.
The crews will pass from the Shakedown stage in Lubiewo on Thursday 27 June which is a stage of 5,10 Kilometers. Later in the evening, the fans will have the chance to watch the superspecial stage at Mikolajki Arena with the distance being at two and a half kilometers.
Friday includes seven stages and 116 competitive kilometers. The longest stage of the whole rally is "Stańczyki" with 29,90 Km whereas "Wieliczki" is the shortest one of the day with 12,90 Km apart from the second pass from the superspecial stage at Mikolajki Arena. However, Saturday will be the busiest day of Rally Poland as it contains 124,10 Km. The third stage of the morning and the afternoon is the longest one with 22,40 Km ("Czarne"), but the first loop will conclude with another pass from the SSS at Mikolajki Arena. On the other hand, the opening stage of Saturday loops will be the shortest of that day ("Świętajno"). Finally, the driver and the co-driver with the top time at SuperSunday classification must pass from four stages of 64 Km. The Powerstage will be held in Mikołajki with 11,20 Km, but "Gmina Mrągowo" will be the longest stage of the day with 20,80 Km. 
The crews will compete in 19 stages of 304,10 Km at Rally Poland in two months.

You can read more about the itinerary of Rally Poland here

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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