The Route of Rally Latvia 2024

The organizers of Rally Latvia announced the route of their event which will be held on July 18-21.

More specifically, the recce will last three days (Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 July) where the crews will pass through the stages to make their final changes to the pacenotes. The Shakedown session will take place in Cimdenieki on Thursday 18 July at 7:51 in the morning. The distance of the SD stage is 3,58 Km and the aim of the drivers is to do some final adjustments to the set-up of their cars before the start of Rally Latvia. Later in the evening, the fans will have the chance to get signed autograph cars from the drivers and to watch the ceremonial start at Riga Council's square before the start of the superspecial stage which will be held at Bikernieke Track at 20:05 local time.

The real rally action begins on Friday with seven stages and 120,92 competitive kilometers. The morning loop contains three stages ("Milzkalne", "Tukums" and "Andumi") with "Tukums" being the longest stage of the rally with 27,56 Km and having been used as a stage in ERC. The afternoon loop of Friday starts with the second passes from "Milzkalne" and "Tukums" before the crews head to the famous ERC stage "Strazde". The concuding stage will be "Talsi" which is the second-longest stage of Friday with 20,52 Km.

Saturday includes eight stages and 104 Km in distance. The opening stage of that day is "Pilskalns" which is a brand-new stage with 18,87 Km. The action resumes with "Snepele" which was ran in ERC in 2017 and 2023. The two concluding morning stages are "Ivande", the longest stage of Saturday with 23,04 Km, and "Vecpils" before the crews head back to Liepaja for the midday service. The afternoon loop begins with "Podnieki" which will be followed by the second pass from "Vecpils". The penultimate stage of the second day is "Dinsdurbe" with 6,64 Km while the crews will end their day with the superspacial stage "Liepaja City Stage" at 20:05 local time.

Sunday contains two repeated stages and almost 64 Km. The crews will start their day from "Krogzemji" which is a popular stage of Rally Kurzeme. The first pass from "Mazilmaja" is crucial for the drivers and the co-drivers as the second pass will host the Powerstage, but there are videos onboard from that stage as it was used in ERC for three years. The penultimate stage of the rally is "Krogzemji" which is also the longest stage of Sunday with 18,70 Km. Afterwards, the crews will end their rally with the Powerstage ("Mazilmaja 2") where the fastest pair will score five bonus points for themselves and their team and will also be decided who will take the seven points from SuperSunday. After the end of PS, the three winning crews will move to Vecpils autocross track for the podium ceremony.

Totally, the Rally Latvia of 2024 includes 20 stages and 300 competitive kilometers.

Photo Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

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