Acropolis Rally contract extended till the end of 2027

The organizers of Acropolis Rally announced that their event will remain at the WRC calendar until the end of 2027 as well as a new date.

WRC Promoter, FIA and the organizers of Acropolis Rally confirmed yesterday night that Greece secures its place at the World Rally Championship until the end of 2027 with all parties having reached a new two-year agreement as the current contract is about to expire at the end of 2025. In addition to that, Acropolis Rally will be held on its classic dates from 2025 onwards which means that Greece will host a WRC round at the end of June after Rally de Portugal and Rally Italia Sardegna. It must be mentioned that Acropolis Rally made its return to World Rally Championship three years ago and was held on the first ten days of September. Finally, the WRC calendar was expected to be published earlier this month at the World Motor Council, but it did not happen which means that it will be revealed later this season and it will be interesting to see which rally will take place on September in 2025.

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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