Fourmaux suggests some car solutions to M-Sport for Sardinia

Adrien Fourmaux reflects on the problems and the performance he had in Sardinia last weekend and has found some solutions to M-Sport Ford for developing further the Puma for this event.

Fourmaux had a difficult weekend in Sardinia since the beginning as he suffered from a puncture in Stage 3, but the things worsened on the final stage of Friday as he was forced to retire due to electrical issues. The M-Sport Ford mechanics managed to fix his Puma for the following day and he restarted under the SuperRally regulations, but he had to drive slowly in Stage 8 as he lost the front brakes. Afterwards, he received many time penalties due to the fact that he started very late on Saturday afternoon stages, because he and Alex Coria tried to repair their car during the tyre fitting zone as a midday service was not included on that day. Moreover, his final day did not start well as he had an overshoot in Stage 13, but the most important thing is that he lost one place and is now fifth on the championship with 74 points.

"I think we can be quite positive with the pace we showed this weekend, on Friday and Saturday especially", Fourmaux. 

"It’s a shame what happened with the electronic issue on Friday, but we are working on these things for the future. 

"On Sunday, it was good to get some extra points for the Power Stage, even if we wanted more from the daily standings on Super Sunday. 

"We need to focus a bit on the slower corners, to get the car more agile, but this is very specific to Sardinia. 

"Overall I have been happy with the car and now we need to focus on the upcoming smooth gravel rallies".

Photo Credits: M-Sport

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