Rally Paraguay joins WRC calendar from 2025 with a multi-year deal

WRC Promoter and FIA announced that the World Rally Championship will visit Paraguay for the first time in its history as the organizers signed a deal a day ago.

More specifically, the first rumor if Paraguay would join WRC in 2025 came three months ago where Simon Larkin expressed WRC Promoter's interest to visit this country and to add a new event to the next year's WRC calendar. The official news was announced yesterday night as FIA, WRC Promoter and the organizers have reached a multi-year agreement in which the South American country will host a WRC round from 2025. Fabrizio Zalvidar was the recent driver from Paraguay who competed in WRC2 class with Hyundai Motorsport N among with Diego Dominguez who is one of the title contenders in JWRC. Furthermore, it must be mentioned that the contract of Rally Chile is about to expire at the end of 2024 and it is not known yet if the next year's calendar will include two South American rounds while the exact date of Rally Paraguay will be confirmed later this year. Finally, it must be mentioned that Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Monte Carlo, Islas Canarias, Greece, Finland and Portugal will be parts of the WRC calendar of 2025 which means that five rallies remaining to complete the puzzle.

"We have been in discussions with Paraguay already for a number of years and I am incredibly pleased to see this agreement across the line", the WRC Senior Event Director, Simon Larkin, said.

"There is no questioning the nation’s passion for rallying and we cannot wait to transmit this passion, as well as Paraguay’s spectacular scenery, around the world".

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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