Tanak's action to break parc ferme rules invoked Hyundai's suspended fine from Acropolis Rally 2023

The stewards of Rally Poland reprimanded Ott Tanak for breaking the parc ferme regulations forcing his team to pay a fine which was under suspension from Acropolis Rally in 2023.

More specifically, the Estonian driver removed blue protection tape fromthe car’s roof air intake before leaving parc fermé which is used to cover air intakes in the car to protect from rain during the overnight parc fermé as the cars are not covered by any protective (roof) structure and are outdoors. The report stated that the scrutineers had noted that the blue protection tape was removed from Car No. 8’s roof air intake before the car had left parc fermé at TC15D. The tape was found in a nearby garbage container. Tanak stated that he mistakenly started removing the tape as he and Martin Jarveoja were about to enter the car. There was no deliberate reason behind this action, and it was simply muscle memory and an involuntary and unconscious action. He apologised for the lapse and confirmed that he is well aware of parc ferméconditions and principles and that this action should not have been done. For this reason, Tanak get a reprimand for his action, but Hyundai had a suspended fine of 5.000 euros as a member of the team took photos from other Rally1 cars. The suspension was about to expire on September 10th 2024, but the team has to pay this fine since Tanak broke the parc ferme regulations within one year from the condition "no further parc ferme breach".

Watch below the stewards' decision:

Photo Credits: Hyundai

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