Breen hopes to return as a full timer in 2022 after Estonia's performance

Craig Breen hopes that he will return with a full programme next year after his performance at Rally Estonia sending a clear message to the WRC teams about how capable he is to achieve good results.

The Irish driver finished in second position at last weekend's Rally Estonia despite the fact that he did not take part in the three last races and his rivals took part in three gravel events in a row.

Hyundai Motorsport chose Breen as a third driver for Rally Estonia as he drives very well in the fast gravel roads and it is commendable that he finished second last year in this event having competed only at Rally Sweden 2020 which was held nine months before Rally Estonia. 

"That’s obviously what myself and Paul have set out to achieve," said Breen. 

"We want to be world champions and it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out you can’t win a world championship doing half the rallies.

"We’re obviously looking at all the options. 

"I feel at home, I feel comfortable and snug, let’s say, where we are at the moment in Hyundai but there are things outside my control. 

"We just need to find that opportunity to get the full season and make the most of it".

Moreover, he said that he did not do something wrong on Stage 10 where he lost 20 seconds in comparison with Kalle Rovanpera: "That was impressive I have to say, it was very, very impressive and something special. 

"I honestly drove my best stage that I could, there’s no point in trying to say I did something different, I did something wrong. 

"That was all that myself and Paul had at that moment.

"Once he had done that it was a different objective for the rest of the weekend. 

"I was blown away. 

"The first thing I said to Paul when I saw the time come up on the radio was that it was something really, really special, so hats off to him".

Finally, he mentioned the contrast of last year's with this year's Rally Estonia: "Last year when we did a good result here everybody had been stopped for six or eight months and everyone was on the sidelines because of Covid.

"I felt the level was a little bit more fair for everybody, but this year the guys are coming out of three gravel rallies on the bounce and straight into this one here, so I thought it was going to be a more difficult task. 

"But, in the end, it actually worked out pretty OK".


Photo Credits: Hyundai

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